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History of American Village

The community of American Village was born in the late 1960's. With the vision of Watts Carr, the then President of Southland Associates, and Buddy Whitfield, Vice President in charge of the real estate division, American Village became a reality. The original land plan focused on approximately 250 acres. Tremendously influenced by his military career, Mr Carr, who had been a Colonel in the Marine Corp and a veteran of World War II, chose the name American Village for this premier neighborhood. You can easily see as you drive through this neighborhood that many streets were named for battles of World War II.

   This concept was a first for Durham …. a neighborhood that embraced apartments, duplexes, single family homes and a 42 unit condominium complex. Real evidence of the commitment to this new concept is the documentation that these developers traveled to Washington, D. C. for the express purpose of visiting established condominium projects. Many ideas were brought back to Durham and implemented with Pebble Creek condominiums, the initial phase of American Village. Single family homes were begun shortly after the completion of Pebble Creek with many individual builders constructing affordable custom homes. The dream was now real and American Village was well on its way.

    Toward the end of the 1980's American Village continued to grow with the opening of American Drive to Neal Rd. Several cul-de-sacs were developed and more homes were built on American Drive and the adjoining cul-de-sacs. During this stage of growth a wonderful neighborhood city park was a welcome addition to residents and quickly became a focus of family life and a center of energy in the now well established community. Homeowners continue to take great pride in participating in the maintenance of this "social center" for all neighbors. Participants can enjoy seasonal parties, birthday parties and book mobile stops at "The Park" just steps from their home.

    Phase III of American Village was developed by Fortis Homes in the 90's and was quickly incorporated into the mainstream of village life. There were only a few quiet years before "The Colony at American Village" became Phase IV of this thriving and well-loved neighborhood.Roughly 80 acres, which had been The Tucker Farm, have now been created into 104 homesites.