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About the Neighborhood Club

The American Village Women's Club was established in the early '70's and has been an important aspect of the neighborhood ever since.

Today the club is called the American Village Neighborhood Club.  The AVNC is a vital core to the ongoing spirt of the community. A neighborhood newsletter is published regularly by volunteers and distributed to the neighborhood’s listserv. Residents can easily stay abreast of organized children's activities such as The July 4th Parade, Halloween Parade, and The Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Club dues are $25.00 a year per household.  The club provides adult opportunities such as Supper Club, Book Club, Monthly Socials/Crafts, Wine Tastings, Chili Cookoff, Fall Picnic in the Park, and an Annual Event for Charity. Each year, proceeds from the annual Charity Event are donated to a chosen charitable foundation.  The Club also creates a neighborhood directory.

The Club's year runs from July - June each year.  Neighborhood volunteers assume a club role on an annual basis.